Offbeat Offsite

A productive offsite consists of many elements – getting to know each other better, working through tough problems, tuning out to think about the long term vision and most importantly, to enjoy ourselves with the people we work with so that you look forward to the next Monday instead of dreading it.



Perched on top of the Kumaons, Jilling Terraces is a secluded, colonial style guest house, ideal for a productive offsite. Its five spacious and beautiful suites are perfect for a team of 15-20 people.  With its courteous staff, stunning views and trails, and organic home-cooked food, you and your team can unwind and strategize with a clear and well-rested mind.


  • Tranquil work environments

Find yourself immersed in complete silence, and achieve states of ‘flow’. With umpteen working areas, treat yourself to a distraction-free environment. Do meaningful work, read, write, and most importantly, reflect.

  • Discussions in dining room

Attention to detail is one of the first qualities that come to mind when walking into their quaint dining room.  A long dining table and breakout areas with board games, jigsaw puzzles, rare books and magazines, you will find yourself surrounded by understated sophistication. Meetings here can not only be productive, but can morph into fun team-building activities. Solve a 1000 piece Picasso puzzle, or mount the highest tower in Jenga when you need a break.

  • Take long, meaningful Walking Meetings

Taking a long walk was his preferred way of having a conversation.” – Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Issason.

Steve Jobs’s favorite way of working through tough problems was talking walks with his peers. Waking meetings can make your more productive, can help you de-stress and can increase your energy and focus. At Jilling Terraces, you can enjoy unexplored trails through the dense forest.  Wander into untouched nature, discussing your big, hairy, audacious goals without looming deadlines or the busyness of a city rat. A ten minute walk leads right up to the ridge of the mountain, where you can witness a truly majestic sunset.

  • Trek for team-building

Undertake challenging treks as a team-building exercise. Day treks and camping excursions induce bonding and camaraderie amidst the flora of Uttarkhand.

Come to Jilling Terraces for a fun, productive and meaningful offsite. You will leave with a heart full of Nature and a mind full of ideas.

Aman is a Quantitative Trader who enjoys reading, writing, music and films. After completing his computer science degree, he founded his own company and managed a team of 20 people. He likes to find meaningful experiences which expand worldviews and challenge assumptions.