Vegan Detox Bhavana

Vegan Detox Mountain Retreat

with Health Nut Bhavna Kapoor at Jilling Terraces

Dates : 27th Feb-2nd March 2016

Be transported to a spectacular Healing Sanctuary 7000 ft high up in the clouds along the South Gola range in Uttarakhand. A hike through the meandering misty forests will bring you to a vintage 100 years old British colonial home, a luxury eco-retreat amidst pristine Himalayan wilderness. Settle into the quaint comforting ambience of this unique jungle property and start a gentle detox journey as you learn about the Vegan lifestyle and its benefits from our food expert Health Nut Bhavna Kapoor. Eat wholesome, seasonal and organic produce and enjoy the special winter retreat menu put together by Bhavna. Food will be made with all whole and natural ingredients, with no use of – Meat, Dairy, white sugar, processed foods, and gluten.  Oil will be minimally used. Meals will be delightful looking, tasty and nutritious.

Let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food - Hippocrates
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Bhavna is a Holistic Health Coach, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition ( New York), the world’s largest nutrition school and a Whole foods Plant based chef. Bhavna’s journey of health began with her own health issues. After a decade of working as a media professional, she found that erratic schedules and stress had robbed her of immunity, and left her with severe gastric issues, acidity and sinus.  Being drawn to natural therapies more than a pill for every ill approach, led her to examine her food choices. After adopting a Whole foods, plant based diet, her health issues melted away in a matter of months. This dramatic recovery led her to dig deeper into this lifestyle. Having led an extremely busy life as a media professional, her passion is to make it as easy for busy people to adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

She has been featured by Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (, and also associated with SHARAN ( for her work as a health coach. She features on Radio One (Mumbai) every week on ‘The Health Hour’. She also hosts a cookery show ‘Healthy Vegan Cooking on #Fame Food. To Know more about Bhavna's awesome work, please visit :

If you’re looking to reinvent your relationship with your body and health through food, and get in touch with its intuitive wisdom, then this is the perfect getaway for you. Come away from the madding crowds to a quiet, serene Himalyan setting and learn the nuts and bolts of the Healthy Vegan Nutrition, lifestyle and cooking with the Health Nut, Bhavna Kapoor. The holiday will empower you with -

  • Understanding of food and nutrition
  • Hands on cooking classes from basics to gourmet
  • Its not just what you eat but also how you eat that defines your relationship with food. Become more mindful of emotional eating, cravings, binges and how to deal with them.
  • A road map to a healthier food lifestyle. 

Come sit by an old fireplace, rest, play, learn, detox, heal, meditate, commune with Mother Nature and 'Eat Well' in this stunning boutique Vegan holiday.


Travel information

You will have to arrive at Kathgodam station or drive to village Matial where you park the car and trek to the nature retreat. Options of ponies and village palkhis are there in case of difficulty. All other details will be shared on registration.

Booking Information

Cost of the Retreat : Rs 25000 only (includes all meals & accommodation on sharing basis) Email with subject line "Vegan Holiday with Bhavna" to reserve your spot at the earliest in this delicious retreat.

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