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Intuitive Heart Awakening Retreat

Date 7th-11th March 2016

Take a sacred journey into the enchanted cloudforests of the South Gola range in the Himalayas this October, and immerse yourself in the mystical aspect of our spiritual nature

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Intuitive Heart Awakening Retreat

Come join us for a magical and experiential nature retreat in the healing forests of Uttarakhand, Immerse yourself in the mystical aspect of our spiritual nature. As we gather in this sacred grove bearing chestnuts and blooming rhododendrons for these 3 days, we will take a seamless and deep plunge into the realm of Intuition, the 'Inner Knowing', Divination, sacred guidance, and Expansion of our magical multi-dimensional selves. During the retreat, you will meet a close group of kindred souls and together go through :

-Intimate talking circles & mini-workshops that enhance our Intuitive & Psychic fields
-Activations, meditations & shamanic drum journeys that empower and open up unique gifts
-Personal readings & healing Heart initiations
-Nature ceremonies
-Free time to relax, introspect and reconnect with Pachamama - Mother Earth and the healing forests around you..

As we are stepping more fully into our Higher Awareness, it becomes more essential to sharpen our Intuition and guidance to navigate our shifting realities & stories with grace, wisdom and expansion. We are at a time of spiritual transition when we need to explore the mystery within so we may unlock long-forgotten powers & natural gifts within us... so we may evolve and in so doing, raise the vibration of the collective consciousness of our planet.
You will go through a profound inner shift, raising your vibrational frequency, amplifying the light within, accelerating your evolutionary path and plugging you in to the Grand Mystery in a deeper and meaningful way, reconnecting your body-mind-heart intelligence, bringing inner balance, expanding your psychic gifts and intuitive abilities and enriching your life in all aspects. 
If you feel a deep calling in your Heart when you read this, we want to hear from you.

The Healing Forest Sanctuary

There are some places on this planet that hold an inexplicable mystical energy,, and the Himalayas have always inspired timeless legends about its sheer beauty, magnificence and spiritual power.

Retreat Facilitators


Sangeetha Rebecca

From the age of 4, Sangeetha had psychic experiences of clairvoyance and was drawn to meditation at an early age. Her initiation into healing started with Reiki and she went on to study Usui Shikhi Rhoyo (Traditional) Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acu-Reiki, I.E.I.T (Instant Emotional Healing Technique), Angelic Healing and many other spiritual modalities. As she delved deeper into her spirituality, she developed the divine gift of Intuition and Oracle card interpretation. Alongwith an array of healing techniques and wisdom, Sangeetha offers Heartfelt guidance and life insights to many through her Intuitive Reading sessions.


Heart Mystic & Shamanic Healer Anahata blends her background in Psychology, Story-telling & Hypnotherapy with her spiritual training in Tantra, Bio-Energetics, EFT, Crystal skulls, sound healing, Amazonian plant spirit Ayahuasca shamanism and Andean Pachamama wisdom. As keeper of the sacred Ladakh Heart Stone, Anahata offers shamanic journeying, healing ceremonies, nature retreats and sacred travels around the world, initiating a shift into higher Heart-based living, sharing her love and medicine with all who seek her guidance and inspiration.

Cloudshop Program 

-A guided trek through the forest (1-1 and 1/2 Hrs) to the Retreat and back
-3 night/4 days accommodation on sharing basis
-All delicious meals & teas from an organic kitchen
-All classes, meditations, shamanic journeys, healings, readings and ceremonies

Travel information

You will have to arrive at Kathgodam station or drive to village Matial where you park the car and trek to the nature retreat. Options of ponies and village palkhis are there in case of difficulty. All other details will be shared on registration.

Booking information
Retreat cost : Rs 25000 only
There is limited capacity at the retreat venue. Please book your space at the earliest. Contact:


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