A full day's strenuous hike from Chestnut House, the trail passes through  the picturesque Panayali village leading downhill to the meandering Gaula River,  a perennial stream that breaks into cascading waterfalls and clear natural pools held in by rocks on its rambling way down hill. Have a cool nimbu pain after the trek then take a dip in the crystal clear pools (weather permitting), whet your appetite spread out the packed lunch your guides have carried for you, nap and start your way back, totally satiated. 

An easy half day hike from Chestnut House, you walk along the Ridge, with a heart stopping view of a sheer drop of 2000 ft at an angle of 70 degrees on one side for about an hour of the total 2.30 hr hike(one way).  Then it is down hill to Kanarkha Village. Kanarkha is an idillic village, cut off from the road, with gentle slopes. A content agrarian community, they produces vegetables and corn for a lot of the region around. With prior appointment its possible to organise village hospitality and savour some of the fresh produce. 

A half day's (2 hours hr 30 min one way ) comfortable hike from Chestnut House, the trail leads to the picturesque Panayali village. Here cherry cheeked kids watch you curiously and the villagers are more than happy to offer you a local lunch. Its warm village hospitality at its most spontaneous. On the other hand have a picnic above the village in the pine forests and get a 360 degree view of the valleys around.