Why Jilling Terraces is a pure bliss for Solo Travelers ?

Everything from eating lunch by yourself to traipsing in the marooned woods, all help to shape your sense of independence. If you are never by yourself how will you ever know yourself?

You wish to spend some time up in the mountains in a cozy log cabin with big, tall windows and skylights so you can look up at the stars every night and just think about how small you and your problems are. Ideal Mountains offer serenity, virgin beautiful landscapes,  quaint trails with a presence of a wild yet harmless deer, or a marten hoping from here and there. Original inhabitants with an authentic smile on their withered faces reflecting hardships of their lives. A cuisine that has different but soothing flavors. It is these places where one rediscover the curious kid in you, who is busy asking questions. Why do u eat bichu ghas, or what are benefits of buransh juice or which is that bird, who created these trails? There is one such place in your neighborhood yet so far away, Jilling Terraces.

Hidden in the folds of South Gola range of Himalayas, windswept and encircled by dense forests, Jilling Terraces welcomes you to a stunning 6 room Eco-tourism resort.

And here goes a list of activities you can engage yourself in at Jilling to unfold your most glorious expressions.

1. Hike to the Chestnut House

Reaching to this oasis of wellness invites along a steep trek of 2km. Fret not at the distance and the level of the trek, as seasonal waterfalls, oak and pine forests, bright-red rhododendron blossoms and armies of plum, peach and apricot trees will break the monotony and carpet your way to this hilly hideout.

The guides will carry all your luggage up and give you a break halfway up, with tea from a flask or nimbu pani, while you catch your breath! You can even use these breaks to photograph the bountiful bird life in the area: from magpies and minivets to woodpeckers and parakeets.


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2. Read

Take some books and read, that’s an immense help and books are always good company if you have the right sort. You will find some great work of classics from the eclectic book collection in Jilling.

Or allow yourself to get immersed in the nature and read something new on your kindle(maybe about birds, Fauna, history of mountains, yoga etc. Jilling is known to convert readers into authors.



3. Take walk in the woods to watch the Sunrise

Find something that breathes life into your soul, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, find an experience that makes you happy whether it is enjoying the sunset or relishing a cup of coffee. Wake up an hour before sunrise and stay for an hour after the sunsets for really magical images.



4. Go Birdwatching 

Jilling’s evergreen flora and coastal ecosystem make it an ideal home for turtle doves, woodpeckers, Chestnut-bellied rock thrush, Himalayan goral and a plenty more to name.Wake up early and walk on endlessly, not feeling the steep ways. Feel the perfume in the air, clean and strong. Feel the therapeutic power of the mountains, as you walk alone with the dark pines and the rushing waters.  You have no one to talk to and no chattering of the mind, all you could hear is the wild and sweet cacophony of the magpies, minivets, a white-throated laughing thrush or some turtle doves disappearing into the woods.



5. Take a walk in the woods or go hiking to the gorgeous river trails.

Featuring exotic flowers and trees, along with water bodies and Himalayan fauna, time spent walking here offers respite to the tired urban souls. If you like to walk, this is the right place. There are 3 different trekking trails, ranging from easy to difficult. Choose a trail according to your level of enthusiasm and stamina, and go ahead ! The treks are fairly easy if you don’t count the leeches. You will find a silence in the mountains, that will speak volumes to your soul and words, you were never able to say loud.


6. Ayurveda

Rejuvenate yourself in the natural aroma of herbs and flora. Rediscover the age old traditions of herbs used for culinary preparations and for treating majority medical disorders. Modern Science calls it Ethnobotany. No wonder our guests have reported better appetite:) and thanks to trek ,you will be devoid of the guilt of eating more.

Jilling is home to modern herbs ranging from Rosemary and Oregano to age old plants like Vajradanti, Wild marigold and exotic herbs like Chamomile, Lavender. Enjoy the freshly prepared herbal tea. Walk through the trails and allow yourself to get amazed by Ecosystem of Nature with natural ferns family, mushrooms, oak forests, creepers and what not.


7. Write

Your thoughts are habitually your best companions. No matter if you see yourself as an aspiring writer in the future, dumping down your thoughts on a paper and playing with the words will help you nourish your soul. Just spend some time swimming in your truth. The feeling for and love of nature always strike a chord sooner or later with people who take interest in writing.



8. Chat with the Locals

It is on solo trips you learn to push through your fears—be it talking to strangers, walking alone into a fine dining restaurant or sleeping alone in strange places.You learn to ‘ask’, to receive, to give and to take. Prejudices dissolve. You learn to trust humanity.

Well the staff at Jilling are really warm and hospitable and just a small conversation with them will wave off your fear and at the same time will leave you awestruck by the their expanded knowledge of the Kumaoni cultures and rituals, the festivals and celebrations, and not to miss, the nature tales.

“Loneliness, my dear, is nothing to fear. Go, travel.”

*Sukriti Khandelwal is a lifestyle blogger, with a demonstrated history of working in the arts and travel industry. Her interest lies in reading, writing and watching films. Find more of her writings here.

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