Chestnut House, built in 1933 by a Sanskrit scholar for his Polish doctor wife pining for the cool climes of her country has now been converted into a warm homestay... 

Two large suites Buransh and Utish on the ground floor and two rooms Kafal and Padam with double beds on the first floor, wing a large family room. Each of the suites has a ante room to loll in during the day or let the young ones snuggle up together at night.

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The gorgeous Himalayan wild cherry tree is the inspiration for this room. Mesmeric when in bloom with its delicate flowers, this room aspires for the same delicacy in its impact. This compact room on the first floor offers supremely magnificent views of the Himalayas, lounge on the bed let nature roll over you, sip masala chai, read, think or just drift - let the peace and silence sink in.


The scarlet hued suite is named after the rhododendron flower that peeps out between the thick canopy of oak trees heralding the advent of spring.  Moving from scarlet to a madder red hues the suite has a traditional fireplace a king size bed and a comfortable ante room with an extra bed and a study table – enough space if one wants to set up home for a few days to read, write or watch nature work its magic in the mountains. This opens out onto the verandah with fireplaces where one can enjoy the outdoors without being chilled.


The bay berry or box myrtle, this tangy sweet wild berry is a favourite with all kids. This room tucked away on one side of the house is a haven for the late risers and those taking a break from any sounds of civilization. One can breathe in the essence of the mountains – simply throw open the windows on two sides of the bed and feel the mountains roll up next to you.


The local alder tree with a burnished bronze bark gives this room its quintessential character. The wood of the tree has been ingeniously used as towel stands, toilet paper holders and wedges for mirrors all over the nooks of the house. Done in shades of indigo this majestic suite has an ante room too – perfect for a small family to play a raucous game of monopoly or work out a 1000 piece puzzle from the collection in the living room. It opens out to the verandah on the ground floor and has a patch garden at the back.


The self sufficient cottage is named after the resilient dwarf bamboo, traditionally harvested from oak forests and crafted by locals into utilitarian goods. Here we use it as the unique ceiling under the tin roofs.
Sit on the day bed in the living area, toss up your favourite salad or make green tea in the pantry area, or have a midnight hot chocolate, sit around the 4 seater dining table and write a poem or discuss the nuances of home schooling – enough space to do what you please. Then clamber up to the loft bed space and watch the moon rise and wind its way through the sky and peek in from each of the 4 windows. Step out into the verandha in the morning with your book and drift…. The world can wait.